Poetry: Eulogy

For all those who have been in an abusive relationship in their life, may the pain finally be put to rest xo

dearly beloved we are gathered here today

to celebrate the passing of a man whom some would call

their finest lover as he has been left out of space and time

he moves from the east towards the west

shining in glorious emberlight with all the majesty

of the setting sun in the evening and the sphinx

asks in her mysterious way what stands at the city

on the edge of forever but he is not there to answer

for his crimes or indeed any questions posed

about what was in his heart of hearts only one person knows

a rich black brew warm and comforting as chocolate

banana toffee and strawberry milk mocha coffee

so as we are here together let us not weep tears

of pain but instead let crystal drops of laughter

not with him but at his shriveled husk fall like rain

on the savannah nourishing new light new life to

grow and bloom roses in the spring under green

leaf and thorn fertilised with blood and bone

the bodies of the fallen honoured by never forgiving

and never forgetting but rather regretting the time

wasted and the fires of hatred spent and may his

legacy be one of joy and delight as our children

play and make merry sour apricots can pucker but

we here today know the truth that before us lies

a man broken to heel may he rest in peace

Help is available if you are in a bad situation reach out to Relationships Australia at relationships.org.au or call 1800 RESPECT.

I see you

Marie Athena

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