Poetry: What’s In A Name

I changed my legal name recently, and it is so meaningful to me to be able to choose my own path and name going forward. Thank you so much to everyone who has heard and loved me, a Rose by any other name loves you all just the same xo

What’s in a name

We don’t really know

Other than happiness

Fizzing as far and as high

As I dare to go


The best thing about smiling

And going as fast as I possibly can

Headstrong and whipsmart

Towards the future

Is that it makes my life bright


If I’m anything I’m burning up

A shooting star

Through the sky I’ll fire

Shots in defence

Of my son my lovers my happiness


So what’s in a name

An awful lot as it turns out

Any culture any gender

I swear I’ll create a legacy

That will live forever

Thank you for everything,

Marie Athena

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