Lyrics For Lyra: I Am Telling You

I hope and I dream for you all the joy the world has to offer, wherever you choose to take your pleasures ❤

It’s a very rare thing in the world to find someone

Who actually cares about me and loves me

Not for what you want me to be

Or who you think I am

But for who I actually am and what I can realistically give

I am telling you



You make me cry for the joy of it and the fear of losing you

Wounds me and makes me hide up and away

A tiny child curled up and crying

So even if I cannot express it very well in words

I am telling you



I honour you and what you give me

Which is unique in my experience

You are giving me hope

When I wake up in the morning

Because you are in my life

I am telling you



You are the most competent partner

I have ever had

I love being loved freely

I love being free to love

Thank you for not making me choose

I am telling you



I love you

For once, I’ve run out of words.

MarieAthena xo

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