Poetry: Neurodivergence

The funny thing about being me

Is that I am very bad at spotting liars

I struggle if people are using me

I’m actually very vulnerable


It hurts to admit that the way my brain is wired

Makes me an easy target

A sucker, a mark

It hurts to admit weakness


I love being able to remember most things

I have the ability to focus for hours

I know so much about culture and history

I’ve mostly learned to navigate the world of people


Neurodivergence means I don’t understand

That he was a bad man

It meant I didn’t understand why I was so scared

Please don’t hurt me, I used to cry


It never occured to me at the time

Not even once

That he might have wanted to hurt me

That he would enjoy that


I’ve been abused and the saddest thing

Is that I still can’t really explain it

Because I don’t understand, not truly

I still think we were once friends

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