A Letter To Knife Ears: Well Considered Truth

Dear Knife Ears,

When I am alone, as I very much unfortunately am now, I feel like I would like to talk to you about so many, many things. And yet when I find myself next to you, or in your arms, or even just looking at your beautiful face the words escape me. It’s like a flitting butterfly has gone and stolen the thoughts right out of my head and taken them to my stomach instead. I just listen to you, and I could listen to you speak for hours on hours. Don’t even feel like you are talking too much, you are not.

I feel so nervous, you see, because you are overwhelming to me. When I feel your warmth and heat in me I am newly being deflowered. You own me and take me in a way that no one really has before. It surprises me sometimes, because I have given of myself in the past significantly more…and yet I think you have reached into my soul and taken what no other has. I think you are taming me, Knife Ears, and somewhat ahead of my own schedule, too. Because I have not given myself to you yet, you know.

There are layers on layers of good things and moments in me still for you to unpack, but I think when you get there it will make you happy. You make me happy too, you know. Sometimes I am sad because I think you don’t understand me just yet, but understanding takes time and effort and good intentions and I have faith that if it’s meant to be we will get there eventually. I might not be the most thoughtful person in the world, but I do have a lot of good intentions, and I have learned over time and through much pain to just accept myself as I am and accept the other people around me for who they are too. To trust that they also have good intentions and to love them unconditionally.

I wonder sometimes what you think of yourself? Do you see yourself the way I see you? Because I see you as a rare and wonderful treasure, Knife Ears. I wonder, sometimes, what you think because perhaps it is not the things about yourself that you think attract me that actually do. Because I care not for the things of the world (although those are very nice too, particularly your redeeming feature). In well considered truth it is your duality of being that I find irresistible.

It is your femininity, your sometime blushes, your soft beautiful hair and emotions. It is your strength, your anger, your clear minded savagery and your utter domination. You are all of these things at once, Knife Ears, and I am made weak at the thought of it. I adore having an Elven Prince who will ravish me, it’s amazing. I adore you, and I am lost in these small subtle moments. It feels as though I am having a very, very good dream.

I hope to wake up next to you next week,

Marie Athena

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