Poetry: Shine With Breathtaking Light

For Eve

She walks in quiet beauty like the night

It’s a timeless phrase but it doesn’t capture your fight

For love and everything in the world good and bright

Eve my dear you shine with breathtaking light


A gentle hand to hold in the Garden of Eden

A sweet smile zoomed in over lockdown boredom

I’m so honoured you chose me to test your freedom

We’ll have a blast, drink beer, make merry and then some


I love how you don’t ever let me forget

To write poems, read books, play sims and de-stress

Queen B and sitting in my car talking about having no regrets

Feminist tropes and dreams to enchant us #blessed

I’m sorry it took so long for you to find your way onto my blog, but I think part of it is your name, Eve. It’s beautiful and so perfect, and I’m very very glad you chose it the other night.


Marie Athena

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