The Official July Playlist

Hello again lovely readers! I can’t believe it’s been a whole month since I last did one of these – but I’m happy to report that yet again, no one has asked me for music recommendations but I’m providing them anyway ❤

Party In the U.S.A. covered by First to Eleven

Independance Day! I love this band, and somehow this feels like a very appropriate song to start the month off. When I was younger, I was a bit obsessed with Miley, although I definitely lost that for a few years. So much of her recent work has been incredibly meaningful though, and I’m loving the revisit to what was a childhood favourite of mine.

Eurovision Song-Along

Eurovision has definitely been on my brain a bit lately, and this iconic scene from the Fire Saga movie will always be, in my opinion, a cinematic masterpiece. So much diversity, drama and happiness in one mash-up with the bonus of Will Farell’s dulcet tones overlying actual Eurovision performers. What’s not to love!

“Seize The Day” by Melodysheep

Last year in CBL, I played this song for my fellow medical students when I was presenting a case with Volley regarding Alzheimer’s disease and the importance of valuing the human experiences of people diagnosed with cognitive decline. It’s very meaningful to me, and I’ve also played it for GAMSAT students or anyone else whom I mentor in creative writing. The poem which Robin Williams is reciting from is called ‘To the virgins, to make much of time’

MMMBop covered by Scary Pockets

This is such a classic song and also a great cover, but I have to be honest here – I just love the main singer’s dance moves and hairstyle. Also, keep an eye on the bass players attitude, and facial expressions. He is taking it so seriously.

Go The Distance covered by Peter Hollens

It really isn’t a MarieAthena playlist if there isn’t at least one acapella piece of music. This song is important to me for two reasons, neither of which are particularly deep or philosophical, but hey…it’s Disney, sometimes it’s nice to just believe the fairytale. Firstly, I’m Greek and the song is from Hercules. Secondly, the forest that this is filmed in reminds me a bit of pine tree plantations and chestnut orchards in the Otways where I grew up.

Evolution of Girl Groups – Citizen Queen

It’s time to get a bit of feminism up in here. Spice up your life.

Flutterwonder Acoustic Feat. Vannamelon

Am I allowed to call myself a brony if I’m a girl? I don’t know, but there was a time when I used to read Equestria Daily, well, daily. My favourite little pony was always Fluttershy, and this is one of the most soothing and sweet pieces of music to come from the fandom I’ve found for a while.

Sword From The Stone by Passenger

Less a word from the wise and more a song. I’m glad I have you to drink cider with and play Valheim until 2am, Wise.

Magia by Alvaro Soler

Okay so I realise that at a certain point, I probably need to outgrow my love of tall guys with scruffy hair wearing floral prints and jewellery. But it is not this day. Harry Styles carved out a spot in my heart ages ago, and ohmygosh is Alvaro Soler is right there next to him.

White Winter Hymnal covered by Pentatonix

It’s starting to warm up, but while I’m still pretending it’s winter, why not enjoy something as lovely as this moving acapella cover in a pine forest. Okay so maybe there’s a bit of a thing going to with acapella and pine forests this month? I should really visit Victoria…it’s the place to be ❤

Viva La Vida covered by Gregorian

It’s the gorgeous churches, the velvet robes and the rolled r sounds that really make this cover. It’s such a moving and triumphant song as well, it’s nice to see it get a different treatment that still keeps that epic feeling. Also, are they even wearing anything under those robes? I need to know!!

BONUS TRACK: Train Rush by Pascal Michael Stiefel

From Knightly, for those evenings where you really don’t want to relax ❤

Complete Playlist on Youtube

The complete collection of MarieAthena music for July, curated by yours truly x

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