Poetry: You Are Beautiful

Possibly the last one for Knife Ears, with so many thanks for the joy shared this last month or so…

Knife Ears you are beautiful

I love so many things about you

But we did not fit together effortlessly

And therefore in the end

Crushes come and crushes go

I’ll miss you lots and lots


There’s no point exacting ourselves

To try and make what cannot be

For the sake of a few sad days now

We cannot sacrifice years of life

It is the right decision


And even though I’m feeling desolate today

Tomorrow will be so much better

I still have Zymil custard in the fridge

It’s strange the moments unspent


And hey I think it’s safe to say

What could have been is nice to think about

But what will be is so much better


And I’ll say these words timeless and true

Knife Ears, May The Force Be With You


Blackberries and Brooklyn-99


Bon voyage, my love – and thank you x

Sachi Rose

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