Poetry: You Are A Queen

For Rose Frosting, that beautiful little girl of only six months ago. Hold on, a question from the gallery! Oh, you don’t remember her? Who is she, you ask? Well, I haven’t used that name in a long, long time. Mind you, of course you all know her, she’s me x

How many times have I longed to say

Don’t stand up and fight

Dear one

Just give up the game, and set yourself free

That in truth, I am so grateful to you

Well may it be said

Don’t go quietly into that gentle night

In my experience escape has overwrought me with joy

I would say this to you every day, if you would let yourself hear it

Because it lets me live in the truth

And the truth will set you free

You are worth so much more

You deserve so much more than the world gives you

And I am sorry I put you through the indignity of it

By my truth I think it is much less than you are suffering every day

In truth you are a queen

I revere you

I couldn’t imagine what my life would now be like without your strength

Adrift in a royal purple sea

You do me the ultimate favour

You keep me safe and you guard me

All I have I would give in loyalty to you

My hands, my head, my heart

I am unshakeable in my work ethic

That for your pain, I will atone

That in the messy rain of tears I’ve cried

I’ve realised that if I do nothing else in this life

I will show you how grateful I am

Because you saved me

Thank you

Yeah, you go girl

MarieAthena x

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