Poetry: Afluttering In My Breasts

O I love girls

And I love boys

But most of all I love being in love

The soft touch of a beautiful hand

That sets afloat again a thousand gorgeous butterflies

Afluttering in my breasts and lips

Drink of the sweet wine of love

Dear readers, and you’ll never regret it

It will send you higher than the finest firey fresh kush

It will send you deeper into your soul than the richest sin

It will send you wider than limbs askew in musk and satisfaction

It will send you lighter than the scent of vanilla and forbidden fruit

It will send you lower than a pear and chocolate tart on a sunny afternoon

And when the river sends me such beauty

I just can’t help how sugary and soft you make me feel

I find you irresistible

I’m a soft and yielding marshmallow in your mouth

And I’m sinking in an ocean of bliss

O I love girls

And I love boys

I can’t possibly control myself and

I’m so glad that I hear

The call of the butterflies again

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