Poetry: Lord Doctor

Trigger Warning: Rape/Non-con

Once upon a time

A place under the rule of the crown

A new doctor was coming to practice in a small town

The town was cute

The doctor handsome to boot

And ever so gorgeously dressed

And he was excited

To be invited

To treat the sick and ailing

Then the local viscount whose son was a true lout

Then asked him to dine and fed him some wine

And told him the tale of how his son had been darkly done by

And falsely accused by a village tramp, on her back a stamp

She’ll try and trick you!

She’ll decieve you!

The lord ranted and raved and then calmed and made

The doctor an offer of seductive allure

Give this girl the care she badly needs said the viscount

Give her some help and send her to Bedlam

I’m a powerful friend, the lord roughly said

I’m happy to pay for her care

And I’ll sponsor you into whatever you’ll choose

And marry you off to my spinster rich niece

Lord Doctor how does that sound to you sir?

Lord above! Said the doctor

What a choice stands before me

What should I do, and will I comply?

His request sounds reasonable

His table is excellent

The son can’t really be that bad?

The truth of the matter is that boys will be boys

Nothing wrong with that for sure

Nothing wrong with giving the girl help

After all, the most important thing is to look out for myself

After I’ve examined her, I’ll decide. He said to himself.

I wouldn’t be biased

I wouldn’t be influenced

She’s a poor milkmaid born to a schoolteacher

She deserves to live in luxury if the viscount will support her

It will be good for her, he said to himself

It was a done deal before she set a foot through the door

Her fate and her future decided based on what was in

Her best interest

The doctor had met the rich spinster the week before

The doctor’s eyes glazed over as he saw

Exactly what he expected to see in the consulting room chair

Exactly the sort of girl he’d known was sitting there

Twirling her light brown tempting hair

Twirling all the men in her life around her fingers, her chest too bare

She was speaking lies and crying false tears

She dared accuse his cousin-to-be of rape and her despair

Was sneaky and false. That’s enough, be quiet, your behaviour

Was unacceptable and violent. The doctor informs her.

But the lord has been very generous in not demanding your imprisonment

But he hurt me so badly the girl stutters through tears

Stop lying. The doctor barks at her that these are false fears

Stop it please, the girl again tries

Once you have seen the doctors at Bedlam you’ll feel better he tells her

Once you’ve had some treatment

And if you’re good! The doctor says, maybe you’ll be allowed to come back

And live in the village

When? She asks

When can I come back home? And the doctor replies saying only

Once upon a time

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