Poetry: Flower Bushes Tumbling Over A White Picket Fence

Love in the air, Hunter

It’s what you need

Sunshine and sweet iced lemonade

A dog barking to play catch with

And flower bushes tumbling over a white picket fence

The sound of seagulls and lorikeets on a sunny afternoon

A wife, in a frilled apron

A red truck parked in the driveway

Sleeping at night with peace

Beer only on the weekends with mates

Trips to the seaside with your brother

Sunshine and sunset at their ease

With you waking to feed the chickens in their coop

At 5am

The war behind you and you enjoying

A simple life

That’s the future I see for you

You know

A wedding in a church

Your brother your best man

Your house will have yellow weatherboards

And a porch light for dark nights

You’ll hear the rain on a tin roof

And you’ll be safe and happy in that house, Hunter

You won’t be afraid of bullets and lies and the sharp

Stabs of other people’s disappointment

There’s no one in your future to judge you

You’ll be free, Hunter

Follow your freedom to that house

With flowers and happiness in the front yard

Two of your children, calling you Daddy

Let that future come true, Hunter

I can’t keep an eye on you forever

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