Poetry: Blackberries and Brooklyn-99

It makes me smile to think

Of a man who teaches children for a living

But doesn’t know the meaning of omw

It makes me laugh to think

Of rating my lentil soup first a 9, then an 8.5 then an 8 out of 10

I know you liked it

And no I’m not putting mince in next time

It makes me snortle to think

Of blackberries and Brooklyn-99

Commitment to having more matcha ice cream

When clearly I had a different theme going

It makes me giggle to think

Of pink blankets and warm hugs

And listening to your stories

The truth of how we’re both a bit scarred

It makes me happy to think

Of spending time with you

I know you saw fire last night

For the first time

Ed Sheeran and Taylor Swift

And yeah definitely give any smarmy mouthed children detention

If they ask you how your date went

But also make them laugh

Tell them I call you KnifeEars

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