Poetry: Cutting Croissants

Okay so

Yes I tend to make a lot of noise

My journey down the river isn’t smooth

I make waves

But so do you

Your youtube recommendations are rad

And you’re great at cutting croissants in half

(Amongst cutting other things essentially in half)

I saw what you were doing when you told me the story

About a man named Kart

And thank you so much for that

It touched me deeply

And my eyes prick with tears for

The kindness of it

Your kindness

You’re so much bigger than me

But I feel so safe

I could lose myself

In the line of your collarbone

Skin red from the sun turning to pure alabaster

And you’ve bitten me with a need

To know

So for the first time in a while

I return to myself and think about


And Weddings

And Jolene

I wonder about if you are okay

I forgot to ask

Did you like my eyeliner?

It was subtle

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