Poetry: Betting On

For Flick, who loves sticking tubes down people’s throats a little too much in my humble opinion.

The thrum of an engine between your legs pulling you along the highway of life must feel

As though it is carrying you an eternity away from where you came

And the hunger in your eyes I see reflected in my own and you remind me

That there are more important things in life than boots and money

There are the things that keep us alive, truly, to keep going for

A kind word here, an errant tattoo there and perhaps most importantly of all

The universality of operating theatre nurses as true judges of both hotness and character

It’s a wonderful life when you look at it all from the outside but I think we both can see

The things that are rotting and need a decent debridement on the inside of that wound

So hey ho nonny no we’ll go through life and pull back the dressing knowing that what we’ll see

Life’s a grand ride when you have a good companion to take with you and you’ll come good

You’re a survivor and anyone can see a million miles away that you’d be well worth betting on

At the races or the pub or the operating theatre you’ve got the right stuff and enough grit to

Take on the world

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