Poetry: Ice Queen

I think that it’s such a shame that women are often revered and adored for their ability to keep quiet. Modesty, humility, chastity are all codewords if you ask me. They speak still to that cultural desire for a woman who is silent and who knows her place. Oddly, the more you know your place the higher you seem to rise in the topsy-turvy patriarchal hierarchy. So I would imagine that a woman who never says a word must eventually rise so high that she rules.

Have you ever known a silence so cold that it reaches into your soul

And chills you like delicious ice cream or an unexpected visitor

It’s the calm before the storm or at least that’s what some say

You don’t think it’s as calm as people think it’s more like a very quiet bee

In a bonnet that won’t let you go and the knowledge that screams

At you and to you but you keep the quiet because it’s the right thing

It keeps you safe it keeps you alive it keeps you running out there in the snow

And you are tired so very tired of running and you need a break in the blizzard

You need the eye of the storm you do in fact need the quiet and it is not lost

On you that you were never very good at being quiet and you were never an

Obedient sort of person well adjusted to listening to your betters

But you want them to be quiet too you just want everyone to be quiet

So you reach an icy stalemate on the chessboard of your life and

The sound of silence fills your soul even as the icy queen

Makes a return and you always looked so perfect through frosted glass

So hush the court and take your throne and be quiet

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