Poetry: Apples

I think it’s a special kind of fruit that can taste so tart and so sweet and yet

And yet at it’s core yet another flavour emerges – bitterness

But we don’t hold onto that strange flavour when we find it, you know

Instead we take those bitter seeds and we water them and give them rich soil

And in the Sunshine they start to grow until they too bring forth sweet fruit

Loving you isn’t easy in fact most of the time it’s damned hard but

There aren’t ever any bad apples

There aren’t bad people

There are just unhappy ones who haven’t been watered or given the sunlight and space to grow

To ease the bitterness inside us takes effort and growth and transformation

And that’s okay because we all start as seeds before we grow into trees

It doesn’t matter in the end and actually nothing really matters I suppose

Except to love and be kind

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