Poetry: Stars

There’s nothing quite so poetic

As your smile in my memory

It was heaven and it was hell

But more than anything else it was real

In a way that meant something because

Very few things in your story actually were


We sit here at the cusp of autumn

And the cycle has broken and I

Blush anew at apples and rose tea

Laughter rings out as I make joy because

All my tears are dry and the only salt is now

Seasoning to my honey and caramel


But I once told you that you were a

A bright light shining above me

Like the moon and stars and I in

Your reflection saluted in joy up at you

Because you never saw yourself as

That wild beautiful soul I saw in you


Happier times I suppose or maybe not

Sometimes I think that I didn’t do enough

To try and save you but of course the truth is

I did far too much but it was hard not to because

Your smile was real and I thought there was

Light in there worth saving


Your reflection is cracked in the pale moonlight

Echoes of who once I thought you were

Maybe all that light I thought I was reflecting

Was coming from me all along and it’s all well and good

To say that you were the moon but maybe I was the sun

And as I look around me now, all I see are other stars

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