Poetry: Soft Glow

For Pied ❤

Am I frightened or just a little scared

Of the way my heart keeps beating and

When I see your beautiful face I light up

Like a candle in the dusk a soft glow

Embracing me like your arms do and

Underneath it all I see your truth

As you see mine and we are both

Connected even as time and the tides

Haven’t seen fit yet to bring us together

I hold you close to me and in my memory

We are naught but fairies floating like dust

In candlelight and nothing but good grief

Will one day remain and one day

Maybe it won’t just be a soft glow but rather

A bonfire in the backyard with marshmallows

And away we’ll go singing in perfect harmony

And dancing for real and not just to pretend

And I won’t be frightened of long shadows

The only thing cast over me will be spells of

Love and protection and in the soft glow of candles

I’ll light up again for you


Marie Athena

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