Poetry: Valid

For Pied, who I have no doubt is almost as good a dungeon master as Leo. If I say anything more I am sure I will pay for it at my next session so I shall refrain from further comparative commentary x

I’ve had it said to me that I’m happy

And I’ve had it said to me that I’m sad

But you were the first person who told me

I was valid

Hot damn is that a mood

Coming from a gal like you

I see you struggling

Barely holding yourself together some days

But you never refuse a text

You never leave a bro hanging on read

You tell me that I am a valid bro

I tell you you are the validest of them all

In this fairy elven kingdom I’ve created

Amongst all my friends and lovers

You stand apart for your loyalty and grace

And you care so very deeply

I know you feel it too this bond

And I want you to know that

I see you and I love you

My sister-in-arms

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