Poetry: A Walk In The West End

undeneath the shady trees and the orange lights

i wander under stardusted skies and wonder

will i ever cease being torn asunder by

every will-o-the-wisp and i asked a friend

and i asked a lover if they could hold my

hands and not leave me sinking under

and he said no and i said goodbye and we

spun off in different directions and orbits

but as sure as the solar system gravity

starts pulling us back together again

pluto wasn’t a real planet though and perhaps

neither am i and maybe i’m afraid but i’m also

brave and as i sling around the sun for another

grand rotating ride i realise that it’s not a bad

thing to be demoted to just a body and by doing that in a way

you might have destroyed my world but i’ve no doubt since then

i’ve saved someone elses and you know as i wander and wonder

i listen to my heart and if you’d held my hands

i’d have stayed in your arms and we wouldn’t have been happy

so wandering underneath the shady trees and the orange lights

i’m glad our orbits went elliptical and the repeating theme

of my life is freedom and that the river flows beside me

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