Poetry: Burden

For all those who carry stories they do not tell, let your heart be healed and love yourselves as much as I love you x

To carry a burden of unbelievable weight

My back bowed down by my head up and straight

Has required of me more than just a good heart

It has required of me not to fall apart

And I must hold in all my panic and despair

Lest another wrench it from me with little to no care

In a moment of truth I see who I will one day be

I am scared but I am hell-bent on setting others free

My heart is so broken and sometimes I feel caged

In this jail I have chosen the suffering I have faced

I look around me and I see fellow travelers wandering alone

It makes me sad and I dearly hope the find a kind home

I think they struggle to see themselves for who they are

Their reflections tell them that their journey took them far

From who they wanted to be and I refuse to let my burden

Take from me my love instead I’d rather harden

The shell around me I don’t want anyone to see

That inside is still a beautiful soul floating happy and free

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