Poetry: Just A Position

Telling someone to get absolutely fucked is not in any way shape or form a graceful event unless you’re in a bedroom with them and then (for some reason) it’s all of a sudden socially acceptable

Funny thing context and it’s all about the juxtaposition of situations that take us from a moment to a kiss to a damned good time

And you know the best thing about loving people is that you never get sick of their rhythms their rhymes and their infinite variety it’s never just a position

She smiles he smirks and then we all grin because there’s such a validity and humanity to the experience

Feel the power in the purpose of giving pleasure and picking your possibilities on purpose

Joy and light and love don’t just come from the heart they come from intention as well and edging your mind open

To excel in the art of knowing how to gracefully tell someone to get absolutely fucked requires us to put in the work to love ourselves

Because after that we can truly love others


Marie Athena

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