Poetry: Call Of The Wild

For Mr. Knife Ears, a lovely soul with a tilt-tipped nose to match other features…

What is it between us this crack of electric

Force that whips us both into shape and place

Is it your hands do they need to be held?

Is it your hair does it need to be brushed?

I hear your voice whispered in my ears and sparks

Needing reaching waiting unheeding

The call of the wild side of yourself

So I am far away tonight and many nights

Hold your lord’s love close please be at home

And at peace and feel love and light

Nothing is ever lost or broken that cannot

Be remade harder better faster stronger

Love comes in her own ways and times

Tomorrow and the day after I’ll be just as

Enamoured of you as I ever was

Have a lovely last term my dear x

Marie Athena

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