A Letter To Puck & Mr. Knife Ears: Therapy

Dear Good Fellows,

Many thanks for your kind company this evening, the food was delicious and the company superb. It is rare to find souls who make me feel as comfortable and contented in spacetime as you both do, I appreciate it so much you have no idea.

There was something so powerfully raw and honest tonight in my home, a sort of sweet nerviness of souls alight that I was so grateful for. I love how happy you make each other, and the quiet focus and joy of long friendship. Thank you for inviting me into that intimacy of spirit that you both share, I felt so welcomed and at home. It was pretty beautiful.

I can’t wait to see you both again, and in all truth I am in adoration of the love I felt surrounding all of us tonight. It was a very warm hug and a lovely goodbye. Mr Knife Ears, your cooking and therapy are both fantastic, definitely had bite although next time can you also please help me with my eye shadow? Puck, you are beautiful don’t ever doubt it ❤

With all my love,


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