A Letter To Knife Ears: Loving The Ocean

Dear Knife Ears,

I love you. No, really…

I love the way your hair falls like a halo around me, keeping me safe from the rest of the world. I love the way your nose curves at the tip, and the way you eyebrows rise. I love your smile, and I love your happiness. When you smile, my dear, the whole world wants to smile with you.

Puck says that you are an external processor, I think that you just know how bewitching your voice sounds, and I love it when you talk your way through topics to me. I love finding out all the little lovely things about you. I love the way you focus, as though the whole world is contained in but a tiny moment between us. I love the way your hands envelop mine, and I love the feeling of them around my waist when I lie in your lap and fall asleep.

Somehow, even though we don’t see each other that often, I find myself settling into you and into the idea of life journeyed alongside you more and more every day. I am connected to you, and truly, whatever this connection becomes I will be happy – because I trust you not to hurt me and that you will accept the happiness yourself. Whatever form and wherever it takes us. Flowing from my heart, I send to you all my love and I hope that the sweetness and soul of Spirit in me reaches you.

I love that you go on adventures, and I can’t wait to go on this journey with you. Loving you is like loving the ocean, I cannot hold you down or back. I trust that the currents and tides will one day return happiness to me.

I love it when you return.

Sachi Rose

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