Poetry: Empire In The Eye

For the ever lovely Knife Ears, may he not be too let down by Return of the Jedi ❤

It’s a tiny old green alien whose syntax is reversed

It’s you and me a moon ago when we were unrehearsed

It’s freezing cold on icy Hoth with a princess in a snot

Not unlike a certain elven lass who is usually hot to trot


And already you see these words much more like I do

Knife Ears, May The Force Be With You


It’s a father and a son who are finding each their path

It’s chilli jam and making plans avoiding grapes of wrath

It’s trash compacted Han and Leia are very distracted

Not unlike how by your beauty I am deeply impacted


And I know that you feel these words to be true

Knife Ears, May The Force Be With You


It’s facing bittersweet truths about a family

It’s folding your hair back and whispering happily

It’s being on the run from the Empire in the eye of the storm

Not unlike watching a new hope between us the lines newly redrawn


And I sing to you a lullaby of words timeless and true

Knife Ears, my dearest, May The Force Be With You

For last night,

Marie Athena

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