A Letter To Batman: Inexplicably Team Jacob

Dear Batman,

I suppose you’re probably wondering – why here, why now, why a letter? Well, to be honest, it’s just that it’s been a while, and I know you have slightly dodgy internet these days. It’s also that I’m so proud of you, it’s amazing to watch you go and literally fight fires.

You’re my brother across the seas and in this life, I’m unbelieveably glad to have met you and that we reconnected. I think about your grandfather, and about you, and I pray for you both when I remember. They say God moves in mysterious ways, but I think we both know he moved in you when we started doing Bible studies with me. That has brought me to some incredible places, and introduced me to some incredible people.

I’m really looking forward to introducing you to Knife Ears when you get back for the other half of the year! No idea what we’ll play, but I’m sure we can find something since he’s really into hunting.

I still have your pictures of Washington as my background pictures on my computer, and I tell my Dungeons and Dragons friends about my friend who lives in Washington, has been to Forks and yet is inexplicably Team Jacob 😉 I haven’t forgotten and I’m not ignoring you either – I think some people never quite fall out of touch, and I’m pretty confident that we’ll pick back up where we left off.

You’d be proud of me too – I joined in a prayer pre-worship at church a few weeks ago! My second one ever, the first one was with you. I’ve sung many hymns now and am a regular on the worship team, I’ve also signed up for Alpha.

God be with you,

Rose x

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