Poetry: A Better Lover

Fantastical aberrations of the mind

Follow me of every frightening kind

But turning around to stand my ground I try

To guard, protect, defend is my battle-cry

And I rush on forwards with a two-handed sword

Hair flowing behind me, I am woman hear me roar

I always was a better lover than fighter

Although I maintain that I am very good at both

And as some of my readers will no doubt attest

There is nothing that I will fight harder for than love

And for love, I love to fight

Even if that battle is only in my own heart

For what is love but the absence of pain

It’s trust, and warm smiles, a hug again

It’s never needing to say don’t hurt me

Because you already know they never would

At least not on purpose

So I’ll die on this hill, I’ll make my last stand

My purpose is clear, though the journey unplanned

To fall in love over and over until my heart mends

Is a future this warrior princess defends

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