DnD Poetry: Onwards March

For Leo…pretty please can we have side quests 😀 😀 😀

And so two sisters sing


Walking in a forest, with a light held up in the dark

Fireflies surrounding us, glittering little sparks

The smell of juniper and pine trees fills the air

Kaia’s sharp teeth reflect the moonlight fair


A wolf mighty, majestic and proud

Hums a small, blue and wistful sound

The winds whisper along weeping willow trees

And Rose adds a harmony to the wilding breeze


Footsteps on sandy untraveled path

Visions of frosty breath lit with wrath

With arms around each other onwards march

Bear and faun under cold leaf-cradle arch


And their hymn will not go unheard

Gods and Goddesses of their need will learn

Quests and hearts soon to be revealed

Their pain and fate soon to be healed


And so two sisters sing

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