Poetry: Chip In and Stand Together

The bleeding hearts

Of all those who work on the frontlines

Make me say huzzah

But it’s an unpleasant and undermentioned truth

That the people who do so much for society

And who are so brave

Also tend to be people who are hurting

And it’s our responsibility to take care of them

And it’s our responsibility to watch out for each other

Humanity is a complicated, beautiful mess of a thing

Holy and beautiful, profane and disgusting

We all mesh together in this riotous parliament of life

And while the politicians argue about who gets to

Take The Credit and Avoid The Blame

Nurses still heal

Doctors still sign scripts

Police still protect

Fireys still put out fires

Ambos still save lives

And at the end of the day it’s no good waiting around

For someone else to do something

We all need to chip in

Stand together

Heal each others hearts

One pleasant interaction at a time

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