Poetry: Half A Jar Of Jam

For a friend of the fishes, Volley. I didn’t really think we’d be friends for a good while after I first met you, but hey – I’m super glad we are and that’s life!

I’ll never forget the …err

Heated discussion

We had in the GAF that first day

For what it’s worth

I’m sorry I didn’t accept your apology straight away

And that things were awkward

I fully intended to never talk about that in person


So soak it up here

Because I’m going to hold to that


I guess we became friends that one random day we were both early

When I said that I thought it was cool you were openly Christian

Even though I wasn’t at the time

You were writing on the whiteboard, and you fully spun around

I remember the bug eyed look of shock

Yeah well suck it up princess

So I wasn’t the complete hippie nutjob I seemed at the time

I think that’s when we started the rebel alliance

As I’m going to call it from now on


I respected the simplicity your loaf of bread, butter knife and half a jar of jam

I liked it, even though you wouldn’t let us eat it all

Nine apples was two too many as I recall

Your Wonderwall cover is awesome and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise

Lime green tank top, shorts and novelty pulled up socks is a very professional combo

But honestly, truly

Thank you for making my slideshow look extra awesome

Thank you for taking the time to figure out how to make the template blank

On the second half of the slides

I see it dude, and I salute you



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