Poetry: 11 Dimensions + Time

For Hawk, Happy Birthday my dear

Hawking may say that there are 10 dimensions + time

And as well you know (at some length) I think that’s just fine


And no matter how we argued over whether or not

Feynman and I share a common understanding of electric knots


I loved that you’d sit through a whole lecture from Brian Cox

Or watch me watch Carl Sagan fold spacetime with blocks


We have argued a fair few times about about M theory

Sub-atomic particles, Dark Matter – I know you found it dreary


Neil deGrasse Tyson and Bill Nye were always my heroes, not yours

Science doesn’t have the answers you’d say, but deep down in your core


You love Einstein just as much as I do

And you’re a scientist through and through


You didn’t always believe me when I talked about quantum mechanics

But there was never a doubt in your mind I could do fluid dynamics


Or physics, or anything I set my mind to


Hawking may say there are 10 dimensions + time

There ought to be an extra one for you

An extra dimension

Reality folded in on itself in gorgeous origami

So I guess you are right, and I can’t do quantum physics after all

My math would never work out

Because I believe there are 11 dimensions + time

A whole extra dimension for us to live in, Hawk. Sometimes, it really feels like we’re breaking the laws of physics in real time – but I’m more than happy to break the rules, live an unsual life and share a whole bunch of spacetime with you.


MarieAthena x

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