DnD Poetry: Dash Round The World

Canyon moon rising and the wild wolf howls

Spirits of kobolds long since turned and fled

Ambushed, our band of brothers tried to deny

The fear within us of the harms fate would supply

And we cried out to the gods and enemies above us

On rock shelves from which boulders rolled down to crush us

A tight-knit circle we tried to form

Sweat dripping and panicked scrambling

Galiver stepped up to a rocky plate

Rose took pot shots at the slate

There were eldritch blasts aplenty

But nothing seemed to diminish the menace

The awful damage and lack of clemence

Just as all almost seemed lost, Kaia leapt from a ball of darkness

An avenging angel in flight, white braid flying clean then bloodied

Her anger and fury flying through bandit scum

Like rushing rapids gushing over stone

The river of fate ran strong through her, but also brushed her

Too hard and buffeted by the cruel tides of fate

She fell and did not rise again with the waters

Realising what had happened, Rose gave a bleat

Nay a scream

That shook the canyon floor and echoed around them for miles and miles

Tears falling from her face, surrounded in inky darkness

Dreams of non-violence are lovely, and kind

But Rose just needed Kaia to survive

And Rose screamed and screamed

Never let it be said, that when a terrifying satyr damsel screams in distress

That Monk Dave won’t try to do his best

In addition, deep in his heart he knew

That if Kaia died Rose would kill the rest of the party too

So tugging gently on his new green belt he took a moment and started

A dash round the world

The fastest man alive is a title Monk Dave wears with a chastened pride

He covered more ground in those six seconds

Than anyone (other than his previous girlfriends) would have thought possible

From his perch Galiver said “Good Heavens”

So Dashing Dave (as he was henceforth and forever known)

Ran into the darkness, picked Rose up and threw her at Kaia

Which let’s be honest, Rose did a lot of the time herself anyway

So it’s not like it was an unsual circumstance

And Rose cradled Kaia in her arms

Said to her, my dearest drink this

Then with her beloved friends blood painted the tips

Of her horns, and a with a devilish grin on her face

Executed the miserable excuses who had dared

A crossbow bolt at point blank range

Does tend to damage a face

And Rose laid an arm out to clasp that of Dashing Dave

My best friend on this day you did save

She said to him, and in future she would never fail to mention

Whenever questions arose regarding cults or religion

The monastary of Dashing Dave

For through their glorious order and vision

Kaia’s life was saved

And in Rose a new idea was born

That perhaps peace wasn’t so bad after all

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