Poetry: Goldie Flops

Twas the night after Saturday

And in Japanese light dim

Goosebumps were rising

On Puck’s tawny skin

Over udon soup and teriyaki chicken

Were the first whispers of Knife Ears

And Puck, you did not properly mention

Just how tempting I was going to find him

You used words like ‘intense’, ‘attentive’ and ‘Christian’

“That’s my good friend, Knife Ears!” “Kiss him!”

And Puck’s hair in goldie flops

Gesticulations giving Knife Ears props

Dearest readers I implore you if ever you spy

A fairy and an elf who in kahoots imply

That they have the solutions to puzzles and conundrums

Of the heart and that they can bring you out of the doldrums

By all means meet with beautiful men who look like a dream

Because Knife Ears was exactly as good as Puck made him seem

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