Poetry: By and By the Norns

Cape flowing but hollow of heart

It’s heroes like you who touch my art

Protagonist, agonist, cruel for the hell of it

That’s how it feels to drop pride and sit

On a throne, golden comb

Through waves of ebony hair

Touseled by hands theiving grand

Breathe it in, deep in sin

His reigning in will begin

Asgard’s domain, only in name

A king full of bling and who wears Devil horns

To ring around his conquests by and by the Norns

Magnetic force of attraction

In choice he knows there is no satisfaction

Hall H on their knees

Begging, Loki please

And it’s not that he wants anything in particular from us

Other than to feel the blood in our ears rush past

Hearts beating at a million miles an hour

O god of mischief honour our tribute

Our obeisance before you prolific and resolute

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