Cast of Characters

I write about the people in my life whom I love – If you’d like to know more about the characters in the wonderful and crazy story of my life look below.


A lovely reader rich of mind and heart if not of pocket. He once meant quite a lot to me.


A lumberjack and wonderful friend from ye olden days, Batman is a great at reading the Bible, talking over discord and eating gluten-free.


Lover of baseball and the colour blue. One of the original three musketeers and legitimately the only reason I made it through first year anatomy.

Cherry Love

An absolute treasure of a sweet soul. She dances in the moonlight like a tiny nymph, which is to say with exsquisite skill and grace. Also excellent on IKEA trips.


A feminist icon, at least in my life. Eve inspires me to stand up for myself, be a better woman and reminds me of what true love looks like. She’s a wonderful person and I’m honoured to call her my friend.


A kind-hearted fellow, Glasses is a colleague of mine who enjoys two minute noodles, long walks on the beach and (you guessed it) wearing glasses.


My ex-husband of many years and father to my son. We walked down so many roads, and though they diverge now none of those years were wasted.


A man who I understand and who understands me. I think we trauma bonded somewhere along the line, but I never would have wanted to break that bond in any case.

Jimmy Grant

My father, the son of Greek immigrants to Australia. Lover of chanting Hare Krishna and eating chips in the car.

Mr Knife Ears

Sharer of the gospel and tea, Mr Knife Ears is an ex-partner in..well not crime exactly 😉


Lover of swordfighting and excellent youtube music recommendations. Which is to say, he does not in any way enjoy my recommendations but I very much enjoy his.


Dungeons, dragons and critical care enthusiast. Leo is also a huge fan of stoats and dinosaurs.


My favourite cousin, wearer of glasses and love of Christ. Monty Python watcher and never short of words, he’s honestly been one of the most reliable and competent people I’ve ever known. Which as anyone who knows me will tell you, is my highest praise.


My wonderful friend who loves playing computer games and babybell cheese. She hates tomatoes, which is a very good sign.

Little Dove

My son of 5 years with Hawk. Little Dove pretty much exclusively prefers to eat crackers, play with dinosaurs and drink coconut water – in that order.


An ex-girlfriend.


A now not-so-new friend of mine, who shares with me a love of coffee cups and fast cars.


That’s me!


Lover of life and floral prints – I will one day buy you many coffees and pay it forward ❤


Poet, prince, friend and incredible creative.


Strongest woman I’ve met in a fair while, Pied brings me cake and hugs. Also makes fantastic cocoa.


Pied’s partner in crime…if bringing me brownies and artwork is a crime 😉


Golden floppy hair and maximum charm and care spread everywhere, Puck is my favourite fairy. We talk and talk but I can’t get enough of his calming magic.


My mother, a beautiful and strong woman who died of breast cancer when I was only ten.


An unexpected but not unwelcome friend, I adore how Sassy both brings me down to Earth and point blank refuses to take me seriously. Fair, and also…we are going to Starbucks and I am getting that key card.


My sister, another amazing and strong woman with such a heart beating in her I can’t describe. Lover of Sapphic poetry.


Lover o’ mine and time lord of my heart. As beautiful inside as he is outside, currently also holding the title of finest adventurer between the sheets ❤


Hunter’s brother, and a former lover of mine. Viking has so much pride in his heritage and family, and I can’t wait to watch him save the world.


Christian and all around good guy. Lover of snacks and leaving things last minute. 10/10 would recommend as future Ortho Bro.


A man full of practical wisdom, red wine and cigarettes, Wise is an ex-boyfriend who taught me and healed me in so many ways.