A Letter To Little Dove: Hervey Bay

Dear Little Dove,

I’m moving to Hervey Bay next year, and you’re staying with your Dad here in Brisbane. I didn’t think it would ever need to come to this, but it will be the best choice for everyone, I think. I’m so sorry that I have to go, but on the bright side at least we’ll finally get to do all those beach days we’ve talked about. I’m going to buy you a trampoline that you can bounce on in the holidays, and we should go mountain biking too.

I’ll call you every morning and every night, and I’ll read you stories over the phone to go to sleep. I’ll take so many pictures of the clouds for you to show your teachers, and I’ll record you singing to me to show my teachers.

Give it a year or two, grow up a bit more, and then you can come live with me all the year round. Home or away, I’m still your mama and I love you more than anything. So to Melbourne, Paris, Rome and beyond, oh the places we’ll go together ❤

It’ll be a grand adventure,

MarieAthena x

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