A Letter To Jimmy Grant: Angel Eyes

Dear Jimmy Grant,

I can’t imagine that you’ll be proud of me when you read this. But then again, there’s nothing I could ever do to live up to my potential in your eyes. You wanted a daughter, a son and a disciple all in one. I was only human, Dad.

For a thousand years, humans have dreamed of becoming better, and treating each other better. You had us live like we were in the Dark Ages, and that was awful. There, I’ve finally said it, the truth about our family.

My childhood was awful, Dad. I forgave you for it a very long time ago, but you never could have apologised to me enough to make me forget it. I can’t even imagine what it might have been like for me, if I had gone to school and gotten to live a normal life.

Almost from birth, you indoctrinated me with your misogynistic ideas about women and your cult took over all of the decisions you should have made to protect me. You blamed me, a twelve year old child, when your horrible best friend was ogling my breasts. He knew exactly what he was doing, and he was a mean old lecher. You blamed me instead of him, how could you do that?

We were done in that moment, and I still love you, but I have never trusted you again. There’s nothing you could have done to make up for it, there’s nothing more that needs to be said.

I came into this world with angel eyes, and you dimmed that light as much as you could. I’m so glad Hawk rescued me, but I hate that he even needed to. I’ll always love you, but you lost my respect a very long time ago. Hawk is more of a father-figure to me than you.

Stop trying to make Songstress straight, and just love her for who she is. You would tell us over and over: good better best, never let it rest, until the good is better and the better is best. She’s already the best, let her live her peace.



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